Crown Jewelz

Crown Jewelz

👑 SAVE US The Mixtape 👑

Pocahontaz ft HP Scrill (Drugs did that) by hp_scrill

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Save US captures the ears and minds of the youth, oppressed blacks, and anyone who can relate to the corruption going on in America. Save US also means Save U.S. the people of the United States. Not just from racial injustice but spiritual warfare and unfair tactics used by the elite to rule over the brainwashed masses. Save US is meant to open the listener's mind and bring them into a world where Ignorance is not Bliss but Knowledge is Power. Crown Jewelz

SAVE US The Mixtape, by Crown Jewelz

Crown Jewelz Crown Jewelz has her own defined sound with lyrics straight from the mind and soul. She raps about spiritual warfare, black injustice, & self-empowerment. Dont sleep on her, and stay expecting the unexpected. Crown Jewelz aims to be The Crown Jewel of the rap game, even if its underground.

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